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Digital Natives

posted 10 Jan 2011, 02:58 by Jess Maher

Babies on Social Media: a log of your whole life...

Fact is, many of those children born in the last ten years as well as those born from this moment forward will have always known a reality with the internet and computers. Many will in fact not even have a choice about being on a social networking site to a large degree and many will have been featured on Facebook even before birth! 
This indicates more and more of the next generation will have thier whole lives layed out on social networking sites potentially still there for them to look at years into the future... This concept raises the question, would you want to be able to have a record of your whole entire life avaliable to you, let alone considering how one would feel about this being permenantly avaliable to the public online?? Given they would have not known any other reality potentially the question actually becomes irrelevant in the end... ?